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Retirement Planning for Public School Employees

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Are You Thinking About Retirement?<br />Great! You Are in the Right Place!

Are You Thinking About Retirement?
Great! You Are in the Right Place!

Regardless of your job position...teacher, administration, school nurse, administrative assistant, grounds and maintenance, cafeteria, custodian...Barr Associates makes you our priority. We are full service advisors and have been helping PSERS (and SERS) employees retire for over 35 years!

Our Focus

Why Us?

Barr Associates works with retiring PSERS (and SERS) employees every day! We understand your retirement system and the complex process of retiring which can be very stressful. The choices you make now will impact the rest of your life. We will educate you on the options you have and guide you through the entire retirement process.


  • your retirement system; from how and when to give your retirement notice, to preparing for your exit meeting

  • that each retiree's situation is different and no two are ever alike

  • that some of you are prepared and some are not; we can help in any situation

  • that you need all the information presented to you in an understandable format

  • that your retirement decisions consist of more than just how to invest your rollover -- much more!

Let us do all the work necessary to help you retire!

Not a Public School Employee?&#160;

Not a Public School Employee? 

No Problem! Over the years we have worked with clients of all professions.

Many of our school employee clients have spouses who work in other occupations and we often get referred to friends and family of our clients. 

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